"My computer was soooooo messed up it barely ran until I called Wired Krazy. Now it runs like new for a good price"

Brands we service:


Pc/Mac diagnostics
Full diagnostic on hardware and software for the computer. This shows us if there are any existing problems with any piece of hardware or software. Enables our technicians to find the right solution for the customer and allows us to guarantee our work.

Operating system installations
Wired krazy supports repairs on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, & Mac OS.
We can do fresh install of the operation system with updates drivers and full performance optimization.

Virus and spyware removals
Virus and spyware removal includes cleaning the system and making sure all the software in the computer is operation properly to specs. This includes updating the system, drivers and full performance optimization.

Software Installations
Installation of any piece of software provided by customer. Includes any updates for that piece of software and configuration of said software.

Hardware installations
Installation of any piece of hardware provided by customer. Includes software installation for hardware functionality.
  1. Power supplies         6. Video Cards
  2. Memory                    7. Hard drives  
  3. Motherboards           8. Wireless Cards
  4. Ethernet cards          9. Printers
  5. Dvd/CD-rom         
Drivers installations
Installation of software for preexisting installed hardware.

Security setup
Installation and configuration of software for computer to have proper security for web browsing, Internet security, and parental controls.

Performance upgrades
Can be software performance that needs configuration or hardware installations for computer to perform at a higher level for desired use.

Data recovery and data backup
Data recovery on a corrupt hard drive or corrupt file structure. Data backup for computers with software problems and/or future protection.

Recovery disk creation
Operating system disk creation for computers that do not come with recovery DVDís.

Wired networking
In-Home wired networking for multiple computers, TVís, printers, hard drives, & Gaming systems.

Wireless networking
In-Home wireless networking for multiple computers, TVís, printers, hard drives, & Gaming systems.

Email configuration
Configuration of email onto the computer. Using outlook, outlook express, windows mail, Mac mail, firebird & any web mail.

Printer networking
Installation of printer, configuring your home or business printer with existing wired or wireless network.

Wire Configuration
Organization of in-home or in-office wiring. Simplifying your wiring needs for existing devises.

Computer Setup
Unpacking devices, wiring/plugging, and organizing your home or bussiness office. Invovles turning on system and making sure all components are plugged in and properly working in correct order.

External hard drive configuration
Installing software to run external hard drive for backup existing computers. Configuring times, files, and locations where system will arrange data.

PC/Mac Training
Hourly training/lessons on any pc/mac questions. If specific software is involved, software must be already installed and configured for lessons to begin.

Business Consultation
On-site evaluation of existing business setup. Recommandations will be made on what Wired Krazy can provide to your business.
In-Home Services
All the in store services provided with one on one technician on-site.

Remote Support/Maintenence
Remote support for both Mac and Windows operation systems. We can log into your system without even sending out a technician.

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